1st birthday wishes

1st birthday wishes for baby

The stars in the sky turn to fireworks, because up there they also celebrate with us your very first year in life. Happy Birthday my angel!
Happy Birthday to the most precious one year old wee in all over the world

Everyone wants to cuddle you and hold you in their arms. How can you blame them? You are just so darn cute! Happy Birthday, you one year old cutie pie.

The first year is the year you will be learning how to walk and later how to run. Enjoy doing both of them. Happy Birthday!

You possess the cutest smile I have ever seen. Happy Birthday my cutest and cuddliest 1 year child! You are the most precious gift God gave me a year back on this day! Happy Birthday.

Wish you a great start in your life! Wish you lots of happiness on your 1st birthday. Happy Birthday little Angel!

Happy birthday to my one-year-old friend who is invited to come over and play with me some time.

This is just the first of many birthday’s to come. Happy first birthday.

1st birthday wishes for boy

Wow, I can’t believe you’re one already. Happy 1st birthday!

Your life has just begun and you’re already one. Happy 1st birthday!

Your smile is like a bug, a very delicious one, may you have thousands of these special days.

You don’t know it’s your birthday but we are celebrating it at our best. Thank you for providing us such a great pleasure.

1st birthday wishes for a girl

My dear cute baby it’s your birthday and you will stick your cake on your face instead of eating. May you have such innocent moments a lot!

Get ready to eat something sweet today. It’s your birthday, so ice cream and cake are coming your way!

You are totally a big ball of fun. Happy Birthday To You, Sweet Little One!

Happy First Birthday to your sweet baby girl!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Blessings and wishes of a bright, healthy and happy future.

Happy 1st Birthday to your little cutie pie!!

Happy birthday to the most precious one-year-old girl in the world!

I would like to make a special birthday wish for a special little girl who makes us so happy. Happy 1st birthday!