Funny birthday messages for friends

Funny birthday messages for friends

birthday-wishes-for-girlsI respect gray hair. My heart felt respect to you on this birthday. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to the nations biggest secret, your true age. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, let me wish you plenty of joy, I know you’re too old, but I still bought you a toy!

You better start finding new ways to look younger because you have just turned a year older.

Happy Birthday to my friend who looks older than me!

Funny birthday wishes for friends

On your happy birthday I wish that I want a big cake.

Birthdays are good for your health because it is said that if you have them more you shall live longer. Enjoy the day.

One can be young only once but immature for a lifetime. What about you?

Some words of wisdom for your anniversary, |”Smile while you still have teeth”

If someone arrives up with the idea to call you vintage: then hit him with your attach and throw him your teeth! Happy birthday!

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